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Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 60cc RC Plane, ARF






  • Accurate scale outline with sharp details
  • 3-piece, plug-in wing design with centre-section landing gear support
  • Two-piece, plug-in horizontal stabilisers
  • Scale flaps for an authentic look
  • Functional inner gear doors, outer gear doors and tailwheel doors
  • Easily accepts E-Flite P-51 giant-scale electric main and tail wheel retracts—sold separately
  • Fiberglass cowl and scale exhaust detail
  • Painted cockpit with sliding canopy
  • Includes two sets of decals (Glamorous Glen III and Gentleman Jim)
  • Includes wing pylons that accept the optional E-Flite remote payload release system
  • Ready to mount the Evolution 62GXi gas engine with SureFire EFI
  • Complete hardware package featuring fiberglass control horns
  • Optional bombs and drop tanks— available separately
  • Available 5.25" P-51 wheels with CNC aluminum hubs—sold separately






The Hangar 9® P-51D Mustang 60cc ARF is a remarkable replica of America’s favorite warbird. Modeled after the Mustangs used by the 357th Fighter Squadron during WWII, it’s constructed in 1/5-scale with lightweight balsa and plywood featuring full balsa-sheeting to maintain a strict scale appearance that’s also durable. Very few details were sacrificed in order to maintain a high-level of performance. So you get a correctly located tail wheel and other outline characteristics in a way that makes modern scale modeling worth while. The functioning flaps facilitate scale takeoffs and landings while the internally mounted power switches help preserve the scale effect. One of the greatest convenience features is the three-piece wing, which features plug-in outer panels so that the center panel with the landing gear can stay attached to the fuselage—making assembly and transport super convenient. The airfoiled horizontal tail sections are removable as well.



This P-51D Mustang comes out of the box with all kinds of details that have been finished for you, including a removable scale antenna, a painted scale-shape spinner, gun details and much more. In addition, the inner gear doors have been fashioned to sequence in a scale manner using common components. The steerable tail wheel also features doors and a retractable electric tail wheel assembly (sold separately) that is a bolt-in option. Genuine UltraCote® covering delivers an easy to maintain finish that offers a realistically painted appearance similar to the way you’d see a professionally restored full-size P-51D today.




Just about everything Hangar 9 product developers could think of has been done to make set up convenient. The included sliding canopy and full-depth cockpit is provided as inspiration for you to take the scale experience as far as you’d like. Plus, you get two sets of marking decals; “Glamorous Glen III” as flown by Captain Chuck Yeager and “Gentleman Jim” as flown by Captain Jim Browning for an extra sense of authenticity and realism you can match up with aircraft still flying to this day.




Hangar 9 engineering excellence means you can count on great handling on the ground, in the air and during every hot strafing run in between. The P-51D Mustang 60cc can be powered for warbird performance using gas or electric power. But the overwhelming choice for most will be a 50–60cc gas engine such as the all new Evolution® 62GXi engine with SureFire™ electronic fuel injection. Not only will it offer the convenience and reliability for which Evolution engines are known, you’ll never need the expertise of fuel mixture needle-valve adjustment. All together it means you can enjoy what the Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang was truly meant for—blazing through the sky with authority just like the heroes of our past.




What you Need

  • Engine.
  • Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX9 (SPMR9900)
  • Receiver. We recommend the Spektrum AR9110 (SPMAR9110)
  • Retract Servos. We recommend 2 Spektrum A7040 servos (SPMSA7040)
  • Flap and Rudder Servos. We recommend 2 Spektrum A6220 servos (SPMSA6220)
  • Aileron and Throttle Servos. We recommend 2 Spektrum A6150 servos (SPMSA6150)
  • Elevator Servo. We recommend the Spektrum A6180 servo (SPMSA6180)
  • Receiver Battery. We recommend the Thunder Power G8 3800mAh LiPo (TPB3800-2SPPRX)
  • Spinner. We recommend the Dave Brown Parabolic spinner (DAV7655)


89.0 in (226 cm)

Overall Length

77.5 in (197 cm)

Wing Area

1420 sq. in. (96.1 sq. dm.)

Engine Size

60cc 2-stroke gas engine


8+ channel radio system


(3) high-torque servos (flaps/rudder); (2) retract servos; (3) standard servos (ailerons, throttle); (2) mini servos (elevators)

Trim Scheme Colors

UltraCote Silver (U881), Black (U874), White (U870), Deep Red (U871), Olive Drab (U904), Cub Yellow (U884)

CG (Centre of Gravity)

6.5-7.0 in (165-178mm) back from the leading edge at wing root

Prop Size

22 x 8 to 24 x 10

Spinner Size

5-1/2 in (140mm), included

Recommended Receiver Battery

6.6V 2S 2200mAh LiFe receiver battery




Required, not included

Minimum Age Recommendation

14 years

Experience Level


Recommended Environment


Assembly Time


Is Assembly Required


Plane Type


Power Plant Size

3.1-3.6 2-Cycle Gas

Recommended Environment


Fuel Type