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Sebart SU-29 2.6M V2 3D Version, Yellow / Black






  • Light weight wood airframe
  • 2600mm wingspan
  • Designed by Sebastiano Silvestri






Sukhoi 29 S 3D Extreme RC Plane


The SebArt 35% Sukhoi 29S, is a 2.6m 100-120cc ARF designed by the aerobatic champion, Sebastiano Silvestri. This V2 design is based on his competition experience with giant scale models. The 35% Sukhoi 29S is a high-quality ARF model, the result of Sebastiano’s many years of research in 3D performance and precision aerobatic flying. Combined with Sebastiano’s experience, the Sukhoi features an extremely lightweight all wood airframe with large control surfaces, all covered with Oracover and revolutionary Lift Generators on the landing gear to give it an impressive thrust-to-weight ratio with crisp control authority at any airspeed and flight condition. The Sukhoi 29S can do it all with unbelievable ease. From harriers, torque rolls, to blenders and waterfalls, it can do almost anything you can dream up.





What you Need



  • Minimum 7 channel radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX9 Black. (SPMR99101)
  • Minimum 7 channel receiver with power management. We recommend the Spektrum AR9140T Powersafe receiver. (SPMAR9140T)
  • 8 pieces high power servos (aileron, rudder, elevator). We recommend the JR NX8931 servos or Hitec HS7950 TH servos. (HRC37950S)
  • One standard servo for throttle. We recommend the Hitec HS5495BH servo (HRC35495)
  • Two receiver batteries. We recommend the Dualsky 2S 2000mAh Rx LiPO. (DSRXB20002)
  • 100120cc petrol engine



102 in (2600 mm)


100 in (2540 mm)

Weight (Less Battery/Fuel)

28.0-28.4 lbs (12.7-12.9 kg)


Gas Ignition 100-120cc