Finally!!! we have an AK that is awesome.

The New AKM-47 is feature packed like no other Blaster Before it. 

When you pick up this blaster you can instantly feel the Quality.

This version of the AKM-47 has Nylon gears and runs off an 7.4v battery straight out of the Box. 

With blow back action and a weighted recoil system this blaster is so fun to use, you will not be able to wipe the smile off your face. 

Seems to work best with the coloured gels like orange or green. 

Great fire rate, good FPS out of the box running a little over 200fps on average.

Gel blasters are toys only and are NOT weapons or firearms.

Always use the appropriate eye wear and take all reasonable safety precautions when using our products.



  • Blaster Material: Mixture of ABS metal And Nylon for different components 
  • Internals: Nylon gears, v3 gearbox, 7.4v Battery
  • Blow back and Functional recoil system
  • Magazine fed
  • Safety switch
  • High capacity magazine
  • Choice of rails and no rails for both hand guard and receiver. 

Do not upgrade any part of your toy gel blaster as this will void the warranty. Upgrades refer to pulling any of the blaster apart or opening it up, changing springs or upgrading the battery from 7.4v to an 11.v battery.



  • 1x AKM-47 with nylon gearing
  • 1x 7.4v battery
  • 1x USB wall charger
  • 1x High Capacity Magazine
  • Dehydrated Gels
  • 1x Safety Glasses



When charging the batteries, we recommend charging them between 1-4 hours.
When they are charging the light/s will flash and once it is fully charged, the light/s will turn a solid red or green.

Also once you start to hear the battery getting flat, please recharge it as running it flat can damage the cells.

When soaking the gels, they need to be soaked fully submerged in warm water from the tap for a minimum of 4-6 hours. Once they have fully grown you can leave them in the water and keep them in or out of the refrigerator.

When you are ready to use them just drain of any excess water with a strainer before you feed them into the mag but do not dry them as they need to be lubricated to work properly.

  • Model: RXT-AKM4-GBB
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