Order Processing
Pending -> Order Confirmation -> Processing - > Shipped
After finalising your online order at the checkout page; you will receive an email confirmation containing your order details (sent to your provided email address) at this stage your order is "Pending"

We will confirm receipt of your order as soon as possible.
If we need to order any of your items or if there will be a delay in supplying an item your order will change to "Order Confirmation" and we will contact you by email. Once we get a response from you regarding your order your order will to "Processing".

If there is no issues with your order it will go straight to "Order Processing" or even straight to "Shipped".

All finalised orders confirmed to be dispatched from Supercheap Hobbies are then taken to Australia Post (AusPost) or collected by courier normally within 3 business days. If your shipping method has tracking you will be emailed the tracking information. Orders are subject to handling times of 3-10 business days depending on the peak period and current queue.

Payment Options
Supercheap Hobbies accepts Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard) and PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards)

Cancelled Orders and PayPal Refunds Full or Partial.
From October 11th 2019 PayPal will no longer be refunding the seller the fees from a transaction that is fully or partially refunded.

If an order is cancelled in full or partially for any reason once it is in or past processing, your refund will be less the PayPal seller transaction fee. This fee is a percentage of total plus a set transaction fee. This amount can be found on the PayPal website www.paypal.com.au

Availability of Product
We can at times be waiting on another shipment of an item that is in your order if this is the case you will be notified via the provided email and/or contact number. We will advise you of the ETA of your item or may offer you an alternative product. You may ask for your order to be broken up and sent out as items become available (this will incur extra postage costs), you may ask for a refund for the item if you do not want to wait for it to arrive.

Pre-orders and Back Order
Pre-order would mean that the product is currently on-order and is either: in production, in-transit, awaiting delivery, or is an upcoming item or a special order item
Pre-orders will vary at any time between 3-12+ weeks depending on the product and its status.

If you add a pre-order product with any currently available products, your order will be split with the pre-order product placed on backorder. The backorder item will be posted out without any additional shipping & handling costs depending on the size of the item

Depending on the product and manufacturing process, there may be a chance that pre-order products are suddenly delayed or cancelled completely. In the cases of delays, we will update you with the status of the product as soon as we receive information. Otherwise, for cancelled products, we will provide you with a refund.

There may be cases where new international releases have been oversubscribed, which may result in a decrease in allocated products. If we are unable to fulfil your pre-order, we will supply the pre-orders based on a First come, First serve basis. You have the option of having your unfulfilled pre-order refunded or continue to wait for next shipment.

The price of a pre-order / backorder product is the best estimate at the time of entry, so they are subject to change upon arrival. All payments made to the pre-order product are considered pre-payment deposits. We have the right to request further payment if the price does increase due to factors outside of our control, in particular currency exchange rates. You are entitled to cancel any of your pre-orders at any time prior to shipment.

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